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Getting Started

Dvori is a tool for crafting advanced HTTP clients with ease. Whether you’re integrating with complex APIs or need fine-grained control over your requests, Dvori’s here to simplify the process.


Terminal window
npm install dvori

Your First Request

Let’s make your first API request to see Dvori in action:

  • Define Your Client: Create a client instance with defineClient(), setting a baseURL for your target API.
  • Make a GET Request: Use client.get('/your-endpoint') to fetch data.


import { defineClient } from 'dvori';
// Initialize the Dvori client with optional global configurations
const client = defineClient({
baseURL: '',
// Make a GET request to retrieve data
.then(response => console.log(response))
.catch(error => console.error(error));

What You Accomplished: You’ve just sent a real API request using Dvori. This simple example illustrates how Dvori streamlines HTTP requests, but there’s much more you can do.

Next Steps

  • Explore Composables: Learn how to customize requests and responses with Dvori’s composables.
  • Dive Deeper: Check out the documentation for advanced features like streaming support and creating API clients.